Semi-biographical comic anthology produced in conjunction with my MFA thesis project. 

"Kevin Strickland Couldn't Love You More" is a collection of stories, comics, illustrations, games and activities relating to Kevin Strickland. Includes (but is not limited to) work by Nathan Abels, Tim Banks, Jeffrey Brown, Jonathon Wolfe, Aaron Burke, Anna Chandler, Becky Dreistadt, Coleman Engel, Ned Hugar, Jon Chad, Rashad Doucet, Michael Jewell, Julie Klausner, Mandi Leibee, Mooshe Nickerson, Bob Pendarvis, Tara Rebele, Patric Reynolds, Anna Chandler, Jake Santosuosso, Jon Chadurjian, Jeremy Sorese and Ben Wright. Special appearances by Specialism Everyday and Ben Frisch.

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*cover design by: Ned Hugar
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