In 2010, I was working on a sociological study of the role playing community within the online videogame World of Warcraft.  I titled the project and corresponding blog "Looking For Contact" as that is the in-game status role players use to indicate they are currently available for interaction.
The main character I explored the world and community through was a Gnome named Flashlight Thermosplint. As part of his character backstory, I made him an amateur photographer and, thus, I began experimenting with ways to photograph the in-game environment to use in his IC (in character) journal. In the end, the most successful aspect of the entire project was the IC photography. 
Below, is a section of snapshots taken during Flashlight's trip to the continent of Northrend and the text from his character biography. 
Field Medic/Sociologist/Photographer
Age: Young adult
Height: 3'

Flashlight appears as you see him in-game and never without his two most prized possessions: a modified [KTC Snapflash] and his belt pack of emergency first aid supplies.

Per Gnomish custom, Flashlight recently changed his last name; he chose "Thermosplint" --  the name of an invention that he is especially pleased with. The Thermosplint® is a combination flask/splint which will heat or cool an ailing limb - and beverage of choice - as needed. You may have heard of it as his design won third place in the most recent regional "So You think You Can Tinker" competition.
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